Monthly Meetup

I was talking to a couple of close friends a few months ago about whiskies, and how I love to try as many different ones as I can. They are both fairly new to whiskies and were both keen to do the same, so we decided that we would all chip in £15 a month, purchase a bottle of something new and meet up on a monthly basis. It makes a great social occasion and we all thought it would help to expand our whisky knowledge a bit more, without breaking the bank.

I got put in charge of the whisky selection so I firstly decided to select two whiskies from each region and created a survey on SurveyMonkey. We all had to rank the whiskies in order of preference and the top two were to be our first couple of months whiskies. This process is to continue, but probably ordering a whisky at a time rather than multiple, until we have covered all of the main regions. I have no idea where we will go from there though, I’m sure we will think of something.

Anyway, what this means is that I will hopefully be posting a review of each of the whiskies we try, all likely to be in the £35-£55 range, so I look forward to that and I hope you check back to read them.