St. George’s Chapter 6

Distillery: St. George’s
Name: Chapter 6
Region: Norfolk
Age: Minimum 3 years
Chill-filtered: No
Strength: 46%
Batch No.: 489
Bottle Size: 20cl
Price: £20
Colour: Light
Nose: Light, crisp, slight sweetness
Taste: Crisp, very light, slight sweetness
Finish: Very short, slightly dryness
Rating: 4/10
St George's Chapter 6

After trying the Chapter 11, I fancied giving the Chapter 6 ago to see what the non-peated variety was like from St George’s. It is again young of course, with a ‘minimum 3 years’ age statement, and being matured in a bourbon cask for this short period, it is also very light in colour. You can pick out some of the sweetness on the nose, nothing too strong but this does not really carry on to the palate or finish. If I am honest there is not really anything that stands out on the palate other than a slight sweetness, it’s pleasant enough just not exciting. There is a slight youthful note that appears at the back of the throat as you swallow but then goes into a very short and slightly dry finish.

The addition of a small amount of water helps due to the 46%, it opens the nose a little and brings out a little more flavour, be careful how much you use though, this whisky is very delicate so could easily be ruined with the addition of too much water. I would also recommend leaving to air for a while, it really helps bring some of the more subtle flavours through.

Compared the the Chapter 11 I was a little disappointed with this one to be honest, especially given the similar/same ageing; that is not to say that it is bad though, especially considering it’s youth. It is still an easy drinking whisky, and again I believe it would go well with greasy food as it would cut through the grease quite well. I have to be honest, after trying both the Chapter 6 and 11, I am really looking forward to trying St George’s whiskies in 10 years times, I believe they will be releasing some really special whiskies then, only hope I can afford them.


Distilled by: David Fitt
Cask Type: ASB 1st fill
Distilled: August 2008
Bottled: June 2012