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Edradour 10, 12 Madeira & 13 Natural Cask Strength

Edradour 10 year old

Distillery: Edradour
Region: Highland
Age: 10
Chill-filtered: ?
Strength: 40%
Batch No.:
Colour: Light Amber
Nose: Strong, earthy, almonds with a little sweetness
Taste: Powerful, same earthiness
Finish: Short, dry
Rating: 3/10
Edradour 10 year old
Edradour is Scotland’s smallest distillery, making as much whisky in a year as most make in a week (or so it says on the box). The Edradour 10 year old is their entry level whisky and I can honestly say, it is like no other whisky I have ever tasted. I would love to know what gives it such a unique nose and palate, maybe it the water or maybe its the stills, I have no idea. If I am honest though, I am not a huge fan of the 10 year old, I’m impressed that they can get such powerful flavour from a 10 but it is just a little too different for may my taste. I would however suggest that everyone at least try it once, you never know, that unique flavour might just suit you.

Edradour 12 year old Madeira Cask Finish

Distillery: Edradour
Region: Highland
Age: 12
Finish: Madeira
Chill-filtered: No
Strength: 55%
Batch No.: N/A
Colour: Light Amber
Nose: Powerful, complex, sweet, creamy, heavenly
Taste: Complex, smooth, balanced, some sweetness
Finish: Long, warm, strong (alcohol)
Rating: 10/10
Edradour 12 year old Madeira

The Edradour Madeira cask 12 year old from the ‘Straight from The Cask’ range, what can I say, but wow. I was put off Edradour after the bottle of 10 year old I purchased, but had my eyes opened at a local whisky tasting, and man am I happy they bought this out. The nose has so much complexity, there appears to be something new each time you breath in. The palate, again, so much flavour and complexity but well balanced with just the right amount of sweetness from the Madeira cask, and this continues on to the finish.At 55% you can tell that it is strong, without water you can feel the alcohol on the nose, palate and finish. Just a small addition of water however, opens everything up and smooths everything out so that you can really appreciate what this whisky has to offer. At around £50 for a 50cl bottle it is not cheap, but I have to say, it is worth every penny. There are quite a few in the ‘Straight from The Cask’ range, I am looking forward to trying the Sherry cask one as my next Edradour purchase.


Initial Maturation
Distilled 19th November 1997
Disgorged 2nd May 2007
Second Maturation
Into Cask 2nd May 2007
Bottled 19th August 2010
Number of Bottles 529

Edradour 13 year old Natural Cask Strength

Distillery: Edradour
Region: Highland
Age: 13
Finish: ?
Chill-filtered: No
Strength: 58.1%
Batch No.: 229
Colour: Amber
Nose: Rich, deep, powerful
Taste: Smooth, creamy, complex, earthy
Finish: Long, dry
Rating: 7/10
Edradour 13 year old natural Cask Strength

The Edradour 13 year old (9 days off 14 year old) Sherry cask from the ‘Natural Cask Strength’ range was a recent purchase, open for this review. I was a little surprised by this one to be honest, The Whisky Exchange where I got it, advertise it as ‘almost certainly come out of a sherry cask’, but I’m not sure. Now I’m no expert but for it is too dry and lacks the sweetness that usually comes from a sherry finish, I am questioning if it is a wine cask finish maybe. It mentions nothing of the finish on the bottle and I have not been able to find any info on the Edradour web site.It is a lovely whisky even though it has a hint of the 10 year old earthiness to it, just better balanced. It has a very dry finish too, much like the 10 year old but holds the flavour for much longer. It is strong though, 58.1% is quite evident when sampled neat, but be careful with the water, there is a definite comprise to be had with this one. Just a small amount of water seems to kill the nose, but open the palate, though it still keeps that strength. To water it down enough to kill the strength on the palate would eliminate any note it has for sure.


Distilled 24th May 1999
Bottled 15th May 2013
Number of Bottles 701