Heaven Hill – Mellow Corn

Distillery: Heaven Hill
Name:  Mellow Corn Straight Corn Whiskey
Region: Kentucky
Age: 2
Chill-filtered: N/A
Strength: 50%
Batch No.: N/A
Bottle Size: 70cl
Price: £25
Colour: Light Gold
Nose: Corn, sweet, light
Taste: Corn, sweet, crisp, alcohol kick
Finish: Warm, long, corn, ending slightly dry
Rating: 4/10
Heaven Hill Mellow Corn

As the first corn whiskey that I have tried, I was not entirely sure what to expect from Mellow Corn. I have tried bourbon and rye so I was assuming something along those lines, what I found was it appears to be a cross between the two. It has a sweetness to it like bourbons, just not has much as the ones I have tried, but with a dryness to the finish like with the rye I have tried, again just to a lesser degree.

I have found that it benefits from being left to aerate for a while, it enhances some of the flavours and reduces the kick you get from the 50% Abv. With the addition of water as well, this whiskey is really opened up. The nose becomes smoother and a little less sweet but remains light, all of which continue across to the palate. The high Abv is still apparent as it still coats the mouth but it also bring out more of the corn flavour as a result. The warm finish remains but the dryness is enhanced and prolonged with the corn notes being more apparent also. Due to the strength I thought I would try it with the addition of more water; now the nose is very subtle corn, the sweetness has almost gone and it is a little bland. The palate holds strong however, just made smoother but still with an alcohol kick towards the end. The finish is not as warm but still long lasting and dry.

Overall I would say it benefits from the addition of some water but not too much. It is not a complex whiskey with corn being the overpowering note across the range; I would like to try other corn whiskies however to compare. It is a very drinkable whiskey and for the money is not a bad purchase, I think I would prefer a rye personally though for a similar amount.