Balcones True Blue

Distillery: Balcones
Name: True Blue
Region: Texas
Age: NAS
Chill-filtered: ?
Strength: 50%
Batch No.: N/A
Bottle Size: 5cl
Price: £5.32 (for 3cl)
Nose: Rich, spicy, slight sweetness, bourbon
Taste: Rich, spicy, fiery (abv), dry
Finish: Long, rich, spicy
Rating: 8/10

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Balcones so have been looking forward to trying a couple. I can honestly say I am not disappointed. Another unusual one to be honest; it has the deep, rich complexity on the nose, a level that you might expect from a sherry cask single malt, although it is matured in virgin oak, with a sweetness and I get a bourbon aroma coming through towards the end.

On the palate it does not disappoint either, a mass of flavour hits you instantly, with a great spiciness and some real alcohol burn around the mouth, which strangely stays in the mouth, it does not work it’s way down too much. It actually reminds me of Adnams Triple Grain, just Americanised you could say, more boisterous; maybe it’s an age thing, the Triple Grain is quite young but then the True Blue is only slightly older I believe, either way there is a similarity for me. It is still that mix of a complex single malt with the bourbon finish, a perfect bourbon maybe?

The finish is strong, very strong, and very long, it’s awesome. The spiciness continues here also, with just a touch of dryness that works really well. I tried it with water also due to the abv and it unsurprisingly handles it very well. The nose is softened but still has all that spice, the extra sweetness (above the bourbon sweetness) is gone though. On the palate it is still intense, and awesome. The burn is lessened but was still there a touch and the finish was still long and powerful.

Overall I will just say that this is a superb dram and Balcones must be very proud. It has most definitely lived up to it’s reputation. I would like to thank @WhiskyDiscovery for the sample, it was much appreciated.