Balcones Brimstone

Distillery: Balcones
Name: Brimstone
Region: Texas
Age: NAS
Chill-filtered: ?
Strength: 53%
Batch No.: N/A
Bottle Size: 5cl
Price: £5.27 (for 3cl)
Nose: BARBECUE, smoke, meaty, sweet, powerful
Taste: Barbecue, smoke, sweet
Finish: Long, barbecue, smoke
Rating: 3/10

After just sampling the True Blue I have high expectation for the Brimstone I can tell you, lets hope I sampled them the in the right order. After being left covered up for a while the nose is undoubtedly barbecue, that is the overpowering aroma. You get smoke in there too and a bit of meatiness coming through afterwards, but the barbecue sweetness is very present, a bit too much for me, as if they are trying to cover a very young spirit maybe?

On the palate you again get a kick in the teeth of barbecue with an open fire smokiness, that bit is lovely, but with a much better balance to it than on the nose. The sweetness is still there but again better balanced. There is also a lovely alcohol burn to it; like the True Blue though it stays more in the mouth rather than working it’s way down strangely. The finish is, you guessed it, barbecue and smoke, and it seems to go on forever.

With water the nose changes very little, just gets a wee bit lighter. The palate however softens but still barbecue and smoke as the overpowering notes, just has the abv burn removed.

Overall I would have to say that there is just too much barbecue for me. An experience to try it that is for sure, I would recommend anyone to try it given the chance, I mean I’m glad I have had the opportunity to do so, but it’s a bit extreme for me I afraid, it’s True Blue all the way I think. I just think I would find a bottle quite difficult to drink. I do think I made the right choice in order of tasting tonight however. Maybe not in preference but in the fact that several minutes after finishing the Brimstone, I still have quite a strong taste of it in my mouth.

I would again like to thank @WhiskyDiscovery for the sample, it was much appreciated.